“India’s higher education is afflicted by a deep malaise”

three widely acknowledged criteria for judging an education system are:Access, Equity and Quality.we have failed over young people by all three criteria “the problems are well-known”.In particular,the expansion of higher education in the country in terms of quality has been at the expense of quality.


The planning commission has estimated that only 17% of our generation are employable.

India does not have a single university in world top 200 ranking list(China has 10).


1)Extreme faculty shortage

2)Staff deficiencies in books & facilities

3)Nearly half of faculty position are vacant in many institute

4)College degree turned into lucrative degree

To encourage a student to think and memorise
1)All school leaving students should have two alternative streams
A) Local vocational institute to learn different skills in terms years diploma programme(current grammar modal)
B)Three year local college with general sci & humanists(funding by state)
2)Top 10% of these two streams~allocated to join two alternative streams
A)Professional schools,some private~fee will be high~loan will be available
B)Public universities should not be more than50 subject taught= science and humanists,current university =700
3)Top 10% of these streams will be allowed to enter a world class research uni of not more than two in whole country
4)There should be no involvement by partition, admission or regulations like (UGC) in personal selection of principal or vc nor appointment of faculty or promotion of family.
5. After new tech of database learning should be fully utilized~ solve problems of faculty shortage.


1)Energy Saver-CED distributed are of 7-9 watts,results in saving of 3,96,18,125 kwh/day

2)Cost efficient-Help in saving of amount Rs.15 per day

3)Carbon Emission-Led to reduction of 32,000 tonnes of CO2/day.

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